A native of Charleston, West Virginia, SARA JANE MOORE was a former nursing school student, Women's Army Corps recruit, and accountant. Moore had married and divorced five times and had four children before she turned to revolutionary politics in 1975. Moore was evaluated by the Secret Service early in 1975, but they decided that she presented no danger to the President. Sara Jane Moore attempted and failed to assassinate U.S. President Gerald Ford outside the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco just seventeen days after Lynette Fromme had pointed a gun at the president.

In 2006, at the age of 77, Moore was released from prison on parole after serving 32 years of her life sentence. She died from natural causes on December 26, 2007; she also stated that she regretted the assassination attempt, saying she was "blinded by her radical political views." She said, "I am very glad I did not succeed. I know now that I was wrong to try.

Attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford (September 22, 1975)

LEIGH McDONALD trained at Guildford School of Acting.

For 13 years she performed predominently in music theatre, including 'Moby Dick' at the Piccadilly Theatre and The Royal National Theatre Emsemble 99, before being bitten by the travel bug which started in NYC. She then moved onto Singapore for five years where there is a wonderful amount of work but it just aint home so in August 2007 she returned to Blighty. But travelling hadn't quite finished with her as a years touring around the world followed playing the part of Rosie in the intenational tour of 'Mamma Mia'. She is now firmly committed to staying put, and is very happy that two of her friends mentioned her to Michael Strassen and the rest is history!